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  • Review for Dr. Antulio B. Aroche

    I was in an accident on my bicycle where I was hit by a car from behind. It ended up that after trying everything to mend, I needed to look to a spine surgeon. Dr. Aroche made room in his schedule quickly and spent a good amount of time explaining my situation and options. I wound up needing surgery...

    ~ Nissa Gay ~

  • Review for Dr. Candice Brady

    When I broke my foot in May 2020, I was terrified as I had never broken any bones or had surgery. Dr. Brady’s calm, kind and professional demeanor made me feel confident from emergency room, all the way until my last "official" follow-up today. If my children were to need a surgeon, I wouldn't t...

    ~ Melea King ~

  • Review for Dr. Antulio B. Aroche

    Patient! Caring! Knowledgeable!

    ~ JWD . ~

  • Review for Dr. Antulio B. Aroche

    Wonderful he takes his time to explain. Very understanding,he really cares about his patients. Wonderful surgeon. Thank you doctor Aroche I fell into the perfect hands.

    ~ A P ~

  • Review for Dr. Antulio B. Aroche

    I had a bad neck for 18 years Doctors were telling me nothing was wrong well I knew there was from all the pain and a lump on my neck. I went to see Dr. Antulio Aroche Jr. He asked me to get him a cat-scan also instead of just an MRI so I did I took it to him and he showed me how bad my neck was I n...

    ~ Bert . ~

  • Review for Dr. Antulio B. Aroche

    Dr Aroche is a wonderful spinal surgeon with a great bedside manner. He operated on me 2+ weeks ago, performing paddle lead surgery to re-implant a spinal stimulator. He did a superb job and I’m feeling 95% less pain. I told him that he gave me back my life after 20 years. I would definitely recom...

    ~ Shelley Small ~

  • Review for Dr. Antulio B. Aroche

    Teriffic Cervical Spine Surgeon.

    ~ Self Verified Patient ~

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